Question: What Happens If You Call DeleteRow () On A ResultSet Object?

Which statement is used for calling the stored procedure?

getString(2); The interface CallableStatement extends PreparedStatement .

It is used to call stored procedures.

Specify values for IN parameters (such as coffeeName in this example) just like you would with a PreparedStatement object by calling the appropriate setter method..

Does closing ResultSet close connection?

Closing Connection will close any Statement s that connection has created. Closing any Statement will close all ResultSet s that were created by that Statement . Doesn’t matter if Connection is poolable or not. Even poolable connection has to clean before returning to the pool.

What is RS next () in Java?

The next() method of the ResultSet interface moves the pointer of the current (ResultSet) object to the next row, from the current position. Statement stmt = con. createStatement(); ResultSet rs = stmt. … And on calling the next() method for the second time the result set cursor will be moved to the 2nd row.

What happens if you call the method close on a ResultSet object?

Note: A ResultSet object is automatically closed by the Statement object that generated it when that Statement object is closed, re-executed, or is used to retrieve the next result from a sequence of multiple results. Calling the method close on a ResultSet object that is already closed is a no-op.

What is the meaning of ResultSet Type_scroll_insensitive?

TYPE_SCROLL_INSENSITIVE means that the ResultSet can be navigated (scrolled) both forward and backwards. You can also jump to a position relative to the current position, or jump to an absolute position. The ResultSet is insensitive to changes in the underlying data source while the ResultSet is open.

How do you delete a row in Java?

To delete one or more rows of a database table from a Java program, you use the following steps:First, create a database connection to the SQLite database.Next, prepare the DELETE statement. … Then, create a new instance of the PreparedStatement class by calling the prepareStatement() method of the Connection object.More items…

Which is used to call the stored procedures and functions?

CallableStatement interface is used to call the stored procedures and functions. We can have business logic on the database by the use of stored procedures and functions that will make the performance better because these are precompiled.

Can I call stored procedure in function?

You cannot execute a stored procedure inside a function, because a function is not allowed to modify database state, and stored procedures are allowed to modify database state. … Therefore, it is not allowed to execute a stored procedure from within a function.

What is ResultSet and its types?

Type of ResultSetTypeDescriptionResultSet.TYPE_FORWARD_ONLYThe cursor can only move forward in the result set.ResultSet.TYPE_SCROLL_INSENSITIVEThe cursor can scroll forward and backward, and the result set is not sensitive to changes made by others to the database that occur after the result set was created.1 more row

Why ResultSet next is false?

2 Answers. I believe it is the contract of try-with-resources to guarantee closing the resource specified in the try clause, after the expression finishes executing. I believe that the result set is also being closed at the end of the try block, hence calling next() returns false, because nothing is there.

What is the correct order to close database resources?

If you want to explicitly close them in a row then you need to close them in the reverse order of creation: ResultSet, Statement, Connection. Also you need to wrap each close into try/catch, since they throw an exception as far as I remember.

Can we call stored procedure using prepared statement?

Calling stored procedures in JDBC applications The Informix JDBC driver provides the Statement , PreparedStatement , and CallableStatement methods, which can be used to execute stored procedures. … For example, if the stored procedure returns a single value, you should use a JDBC Statement object.

How do I know if a ResultSet is empty?

The JDBC ResultSet doesn’t provide any isEmpty(), length() or size() method to check if its empty or not. Hence, when a Java programmer needs to determine if ResultSet is empty or not, it just calls the next() method and if next() return false it means ResultSet is empty.

Do I need to close ResultSet?

You should close ResultSet and Statement explicitly because Oracle has problems previously with keeping the cursors open even after closing the connection. If you don’t close the ResultSet (cursor) it will throw an error like Maximum open cursors exceeded.

Is the return type of next () method in ResultSet?

The method ResultSet. next moves the cursor to the next row. This method returns false if the cursor is positioned after the last row.

How do you set ResultSet to first record?

The ResultSet object contains a cursor/pointer which points to the current row. Initially this cursor is positioned before first row (default position). You can move the cursor of the ResultSet object to the first row from the current position, using the first() method of the ResultSet interface.

What does JDBC stand for?

Java Database ConnectivityJDBC (Java Database Connectivity) is the Java API that manages connecting to a database, issuing queries and commands, and handling result sets obtained from the database. Released as part of JDK 1.1 in 1997, JDBC was one of the first components developed for the Java persistence layer.

What if ResultSet is empty?

If your ResultSet is empty the rs. next() method returns false and the body of the while loop isn’t entered regardless to the rownumber (not count) rs. getRow() returns.